Cable Labelling

Anyone with a home theater, workstation, or really anywhere with a lot of cables in one place, knows the extremely annoying feeling of unplugging the wrong cable. Picking the right one can feel like defusing a bomb, especially when all the wires look the same but there is a simple and economical way to make sure you never have to worry about such things again!

Cable Labelling and Wire Labels are an easy solution. Cable Labels come in many varieties, including pre-printed labels, blank labels that you can write on, and printable labels that can be customized on a label printer. There are many types of electrical wire identification labels, including adhesive wraps, ties, or clips if you need to be able to easily remove and replace them. For a guaranteed non-slip, clean look, you can even use printed heat shrink for the cable labels and wires.

At BKH Instruments, we have everything you need to properly and securely label all of your wires, cables and pipes. We stock a wide variety of all the types of cable labels mentioned above, as well as personal and industrial printers for creating your own professional labels. Taking the time to make sure your cables are properly labelled and identified is a low cost, low effort way to ensure you never have to play the guessing game again.

We also offer custom label and heat-shrink printing upon request, so please call us for further information!

Wire Markers

Wire markers typically wrap around the cable and feature an identifying mark, usually a number or a colour, so you can easily ID a cable at a glance. By using numbers and/or colours, the labelling process is simplified, as it can be difficult to read longer text around the surface of a thin wire. A wire marker might be a tape that uses adhesive to wrap around the individual cable, or it may be a plastic expandable ring that clips around the circumference.

Wire markers are used to ID a single cable, and aren't large enough to accommodate bundles.

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